Flowchart Diagram


I requested for flow chart maker – the famous Ms Visio, back in 2014/15, but my boss back then, said its an expensive tool, not everyone get the access, he said he had that license, but he seldom use it.

He top up, “if you want to use, you can use my computer to draw.”

I appreciate his kind offer, but deep inside my heart, I know this offer doesn’t work.
All of us need a computer to work.

It is 2017 now, I raised the same request to new boss.
He told me it is a good tool and many realization project will use it, he will request for the license, but he remind me, “if you introduce flow chart to your work, many will come to you and ask you to draw it – I do not want to increase your workload further.”.

I appreciate his concern, I know my workload too, and I know how others slack in this organization.  The hardworking performer get more work to do, and entrusted with valuable project.

I evaluated the advantage and disadvantage, I still choose to gain access to the flow chart maker, i.e. Ms Visio.
Why not?  I value clarity of work, division of responsibilities, we can reduce grey areas, etc. Although we need to spend more effort at the beginning – but it can reduce argument and why not do it right the first time?

I heard of Law of Attraction.

I made the decision to move forward with Visio, and before the IT department can get it done, my voices are heard.  A project team, introduces me to draw.io.

I just completed my first flowchart project, and I feel happy.

A dream come true, after 2 years.
It’s a Friday, let’s celebrate!


About Me

On KUKA Chatter

Today, I sign on to KUKA saleforce portal.  I noticed I have not complete the “about me”.


I joined Swisslog in 2014 as IT Process Consultant. I have 5 years experience with ERP and I focus on meeting Southeast Asian Customer these few years.

I am happy to share how our WMS function, how WMS interface with ERP, and then integrate with various material handling equipment, with the aim to help our customer realize a semi-automatic & automatic warehouse.

“About Me” is a very important section, it tells our global resources what we do, and what to expect working with us.

On Corporate Compliance Page

My work is mainly IT Process & Planning, Supporting and promoting Library usage in Malaysia.

I joined Swisslog Malaysa in August 2014, report to IT Process & Planning Manager who has about 20 years of experience with Swisslog.

I am a good user for software, I like new technology, I like cloud.
I work with couple of ERP Solutions like NetSuite, Syteline, Infor & Focus prior to joining Swisslog.  I work with the IT shared service center providing support on NetSuite CRM & ERP implementation it is from NetSuite I enhanced my Financial Knowledge and Inter-company transactions for multiple currencies.

Although I work with technology, but I spend most of my evenings and weekends in the dance studio and performing art centers with my friends, we also do cafe hopping, cycling in Dog Park, or do nothing at all.

I like to watch TED talks and I used to listen to Zig Ziglar before he died.

This sounds more lengthy, but just leave it as it is.

Military and AeroSpace

After a careful weighing of interests, KUKA is placing great importance on finding a company where the employees in Systems Aero North America division could be able to continue their outstanding work.

Being in the Warehouse & Distribution Division, we might see the reduction of focus segment – AeroSpace, I guess, but we never encounter such opportunity in Southeast Asia since 2015.



Windows Server – multiple DB

Windows Server

2 for Application with SQL Database

2 for Application with Oracle Database

1 for Active Directory (Windows Clustering)

1 for Disaster Recovery

2 Tape Library, 1 at Production site, 1 at DR site.


AIX Server


The purchasing team requested quotation for AIX server.
Vendor called to clarify what is the setup.

This is what I understand finally.

Production Server:

  • 2 physical servers for Application + Database (Oracle),
  • data stored at SAN Storage,
  • backup to Tape Library.

Disaster Recovery (DR):

  • Different geographical location,
  • Data will be replicated from production to DR.
  • 1 physical servers, 2 Logical Partition (LPAR),
  • 1st LPAR for data replication and disaster recovery;
  • 2nd LPAR for Test Server.