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Reminiscence to CeMAT SEA 2017


Military and AeroSpace

After a careful weighing of interests, KUKA is placing great importance on finding a company where the employees in Systems Aero North America division could be able to continue their outstanding work.

Being in the Warehouse & Distribution Division, we might see the reduction of focus segment – AeroSpace, I guess, but we never encounter such opportunity in Southeast Asia since 2015.



KUKA Smart Factory

Smart Factory of the Future.  Industry 4.0 / Industrie 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the comprehensive transformation of the whole sphere of industrial production – through the merging of digital technology + the internet, with conventional industry.


Industry 4.0 become more important topic in the manufacturing / production and logistics industry.  Mostly used in relation to Internet of Things (IoT).

The increased collaboration of human and machine, sitting on the backbone of improved digital technology and faster internet.  In coming years, we will not only use machine for repetitive work, instead, we rely on machine to do more intelligent things.

It is not a competition between human and machine, it is something bigger.
A new dimension of process and results.

Orange Intelligenz.