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USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1

Speed Differences and outlook differences.

USB 2.0 (Type-A), 3.0, 3.1 (Type-C)

Looking into purchasing a secondary mobile phone, I came across a few smart phones that switched from their usual microUSB to Type-C.

Very soon you will notice the laptop, smart phones shift from MicroUSB to Type-C.  While upstream connector shift from the plain color USB to Blue Color USB.

Type A, and now Type-C, has many differences, charging speed, data transfer rate which might affect video output quality… two main differences for Beginners like me:
1) Type C – rounded, and they offer to transfer data at much faster rate (up to 10Gbps)

2) Charging at 3A, faster charging.  Many manufacturer, can increase the charging speed by tuning the adapter, etc.  However, the Standard USB3.1 + Type-C could transfer data up to 10Gbps, and charge at 3A.



Apple Keynote 2016

A day we have been waiting for …

For almost 6 months I have been waiting for this event, looking forward to hearing the upgrade of MacBook Air… but I got carried away with their mind blowing iWatch Series 2.

Few things I do in the morning, but I don’t get to do this thing often:
Go to Podcast App, download Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote Address.

When I am good to go, I have the 2 hours keynote address downloaded to iPhone 6, and begin playing it while heading to work.

I could only listen to iWatch on my journey, but, I am keen to get one myself.

new to iWatch:
dual core, water resistant up to 50 meters, 7x faster (but feel like million times faster), GPS enabled, multiple clock faces (lacking the feature like Garmin – allow user to change IWC alike clock face).

That’s iWatch series 2, priced at $369.
The original iWatch will be upgraded to dual core – iWatch series 1, to be priced at $269.

Couldn’t wait to finish the 2 hours keynote address, I Google for a super cut version:


In-Ear Headphones + Comply Tips

I have few in-ear portable headphones with me today.


Those usually shipped with the smart phones were decent.  I still carry Oppo Find 7 In-Ear headphones (white) with me.

I have Beats by Dre Monster iBeats (red) and the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (black).

Towards end of July 2016, I receive email from Comply, they have made Comply Tips for Sennheiser Momentum, Finally!


And today we received the item, air-flown. 🙂

The handling of Comply tips is easy, just squeeze them, into small size, and poke the headphones into your ears.

The Comply Tips will expand slowly, the isolation is cool.  In a way, it has improved the hearing experience with the music I am playing.

Let’s celebrate the new hearing experience.

Visit Sennheiser page if  you wished to get yourself one.

Bluetooth Handsfree

When it comes to gadget, I often opt for white.
Lost my white color Bluetooth hands-free due to negligence.

Jabra Boost has been a very good device, and it becomes a necessity – I drive with it, walk on the street with it, attend to conference call with it.

These gadget are light weight and easy to carry, next in my carry case, I would shop for Plantronics Voyager Edge UC.

As a temporary solution, I am using Jawbone Era.  The sound quality is much superior than Jabra Boost, but battery can last for 3 hours after a full charge.