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Transportation / Yard Management

While our prospect is looking for Yard Management System / Transportation Management System.  Below some company in their search.

Transportation Management, Yard Management – for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies.

First, this company from India – Inspirage – offer an Oracle Transportation System, the website did not disclose this product at all, strange. I guess it is an on-premise solution, and Oracle based (they name explained itself!).


Second, this American company – Transporeon, as suggested with their brand, they offer transportation management. Their website has cool write up and videos on their product. SaaS model Tansportation Management.


Here’s who they are and what they do:

Another integral part within Supply Chain Management – Transportation Management

For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – it is competitive, it is perishable, it is fast moving.

The manufacturer might have 1 central location to produce CPG, and distribute to all destination in the country.  A central location to manage the recipe, raw material, quality control, audit, etc.

The finished goods (CPG) needs to deliver to few distribution channel – few regions in the country, before they can go to market, and sometimes receive market feedback / returns.  If one of these process get disturbed, it could impact the organizations’ bottom line.

These external factor : Truck failure, Shipment Hold.

Chain effect:

  1. Production & central warehouse have to hold on to its goods.
  2. Distribution channels are crying for stock.
  3. Unable to meet its deadline, consumer opt for other brands.
  4. Goods were held in warehouse for more than 2 days, warehouse run out of storage space..

N i g h t m a r e .


SharePoint vs Local

I created the SharePoint space and added the team members since 2015.
It is not long after I know about SharePoint, part of the offering from Office 365.

I like the idea of SharePoint where it offers team member to access to same folder, same file, and edit simultaneously.

However, I just come to notice that, even though the effort to maintain a site – there are still many prefer to download to the local, and edit from their end – and email the world of their new version.

They might have downloaded a version a week ago, while every team member edited the file within this week, and his NEW version, is only new with his comments / changes.

Adoption of a new technology will need little bit of push, even though it is upset to know people from the 60’s or 70’s still like to stick in their “time proven” way of working, saving version 1.o, version 1.1, version 1.1 abc… especially when these group of people already in the managerial level.

A top-down approach – top management decided to use SharePoint, middle management stick to their old ways, those that never in management – struggle to help updating the NEW version to the SharePoint version.

Its only a decision to step forward to change – hoping for growth; or step back to safety.

Great things never come from Comfort Zone.