Day: August 11, 2017

Last Month

counting down my last month with Swisslog…
Looking at the calendar, I will only be un-occupied and be around in the office for 8 good days.


It was drizzling on the way to work, listening to the ultimate covers on Spotify, I realize I do not have much chance to come to Menara AmFirst 2 anymore.


Opportunities with Swisslog made me smile with reminiscence: learning to speak out – make my voice heard during pivotal moment, presenting in a boardroom with 20 VIP, contributing ideas and performing in a male dominated industry, making new friends, learning new software, hardware, and some engineering terms.

Life is good.

When I tell friends that I am leaving, usually they are in shock – I thought you have a great job?

“It is a waste”
Depends on which side of fence we stood.


Being an Introvert and high performer, to become visible, to speak out and constantly practice to unfold our tongue, is a continuous routine (chores). I spent years to practice until majority of colleagues mistaken me as an extrovert.

Before my limit bursts, I wished to let go.

Taking a career vacation, just like any other vacation, is for my mental well-being, a break to stop thinking about strategy, or living to others’ expectation.

Wishing to perform better in my upcoming role.