On my journey to work this morning, I have a conversation with myself.

I do not know how many people practice speeches or talk to ourselves, I LOVE to do this.
It helps to sort out my thoughts, while I practice talking to myself, I also practice to speak in different language – I choose the language for my thoughts.

Thinking in Mandarin vs thinking in English gives different feelings.


Think about a recent client I met, they clearly know their current operation, 20 years of operating model, and they know what they want to achieve in 5 years.

I speak to myself as if I am standing in a boardroom telling the client that they are going to embark on an interesting journey.

Anyone in Supply Chain Business, would feel the thrill to carry out a major investment – building a new warehouse with automation for the business – automation also meant, digitization.  In your lifetime, you may experience once, twice if you get lucky.


I am working in a company providing warehouse automation solution, over 3 years tenure, I participated in 3 projects during pre-sales, and witness the realization – I think I just strike multiple lotteries – except the point that I wasn’t building for my family.

If customer doubted my personal experience, I can fully understand – I am too young.
The collective experience our organization has as a whole, we are reliable, and hence, customer need to trust us – and perhaps giving up 50% of their current processes.


Digitization is scary because you need to let go of a lot of physical touch, the control we used to have when we carry out the tasks with our physical body.

Once you put the goods on a machine, you let go of the touch – and trust that that it will work.

Faith is not enough to justify multi-million dollar investment.


That’s why automation is a journey, it is not a vending machine.

Research, invest your time, hire consultant to examine your organization, hire the right people for this journey, go to a Live Site (and be amazed).

It is a journey, not a signature on the contract.

It requires a lot of effort, if the consultant have not tell you enough.


It Just Work! It is not effortless.

Be pro, be systematic, analyse, know what works for your business – you already know this – you won’t be where you are today, if you do not know this already!

Sort out the rules, choose to let go of the simple yet repetitive task to the robots.

Tedious work ahead, remind yourself why you are doing this.

Convey the same vision to your organization – after all – you are doing this for the benefit and future growth to your business.

Be patience to examine the minute details, make the decision.

Hardwork will be paid off – because – you are the boss.


This video from a happy, passionate customer.


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