AutoStore Bin Preparation

Just seen the video of AutoStore robot digging process.

Bin Preparation is a built in function for AutoStore, this feature aim to minimize waiting time for extraction.

If your order required a Bin that’s stacked 15 levels below, the digging process will repeat for 14 times before the required bin can be sent to preparation queue.

Depends on the grid size, for a 16 storey AutoStore Grid, this process could take 25 minutes.  I couldn’t say its good or bad, imagine mum asks me to collect something from 16 floors below, without telling me the exact position, I would need 1 day, perhaps.

The Automation & Information Technology has shaped the data-driven intralogistic solution we lived in, some may say 25 minutes is very long time – so, if the order could be given 1 hour earlier, the waiting time could be reduced.

Before watching the video, I have never thought about the clean up process.

Yes, we did the digging, there are 14 bins laying on top, who’s gonna clean up the mess?
AutoStore, of course have built another strategy, not only to avoid placing the bins on high traffic path, it has a built in function to clean up – by another robot.

Video below were taken from Corporate Sharepoint, please seek approval before you share.


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