Apple Keynote 2016

A day we have been waiting for …

For almost 6 months I have been waiting for this event, looking forward to hearing the upgrade of MacBook Air… but I got carried away with their mind blowing iWatch Series 2.

Few things I do in the morning, but I don’t get to do this thing often:
Go to Podcast App, download Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote Address.

When I am good to go, I have the 2 hours keynote address downloaded to iPhone 6, and begin playing it while heading to work.

I could only listen to iWatch on my journey, but, I am keen to get one myself.

new to iWatch:
dual core, water resistant up to 50 meters, 7x faster (but feel like million times faster), GPS enabled, multiple clock faces (lacking the feature like Garmin – allow user to change IWC alike clock face).

That’s iWatch series 2, priced at $369.
The original iWatch will be upgraded to dual core – iWatch series 1, to be priced at $269.

Couldn’t wait to finish the 2 hours keynote address, I Google for a super cut version:



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