Network Benchmark

What Network Benchmark?


Simple mathematics:
If you have 10 production lines, and 2 pallets outfeed from each line per minute.
Every minute you have (10 lines x 2 pallet / minute) 20 outfeed message in one minute.

If these outfeed, needs to transfer to an automatic storage area, you need to inform another system – WMS – to perform receiving.

So, 20 Receiving Notification.

Now, each of these pallet, needs to keep track of 10 values such as: production line number, product ID, product name, quantity, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, chemical attributes, quality information, ISO certification number.

Data transfer from 1 system to the other system –  is time critical.  Any delay caused by network latency would mean traffic congestion and performance issue.  A Client Server seem to be a safe option to mitigate this risk.

If you already has a good network infrastructure – high speed fiber optic, broadband services, strong partner / supplier, stay put.  Ensure that it can offer round trip respond time (ping) <10ms.


Network Requirement Benchmark:

  • 100 Megabit Ethernet LAN – 750 users connected to WM Administrator + WM Touch (Touch Screen Operator) + WM Mobile (Handheld Devices).
  • A highly active WM Administrator causes 17 KB/s of data traffic – excluding cached data.
  • 17 KB/s = 0.017 Mbps



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