In-Ear Headphones + Comply Tips

I have few in-ear portable headphones with me today.


Those usually shipped with the smart phones were decent.  I still carry Oppo Find 7 In-Ear headphones (white) with me.

I have Beats by Dre Monster iBeats (red) and the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (black).

Towards end of July 2016, I receive email from Comply, they have made Comply Tips for Sennheiser Momentum, Finally!


And today we received the item, air-flown. 🙂

The handling of Comply tips is easy, just squeeze them, into small size, and poke the headphones into your ears.

The Comply Tips will expand slowly, the isolation is cool.  In a way, it has improved the hearing experience with the music I am playing.

Let’s celebrate the new hearing experience.

Visit Sennheiser page if  you wished to get yourself one.


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