Client Server

I used to be a Pre-Sales Consultant for SaaS, where software application sits on a cloud, and provided as a Service.  Knowledge of server became unnecessary as it is managed by principal.  Server capacity will be managed & administered by the Principal, and subscribed by the users.

To me, Client Server was a dinosaur word.
But it appear to me that most of the warehouse operations, they uses Client Server.  And I am here to find out why.

The Topic of my Research – Client Server.


Question I ask myself:  What is Client Server?


Illustrated above, simply put – Client Server means having Server and Client:

  • Server – a Powerful Computer – which is the brain, it is the central for processing data.
  • Client – workstations, computers that is connected to the server.  These are the devices used in the office, in the warehouse, example:
    • Administrator PC,
    • Operator Touch Screen,
    • Operator Mobile / Radio Frequency (RF) Handheld devices.

They are connected to each other within the same Network.


Why Client Server?  What are the benefit?


Unlike P2P (Peer to Peer), Client Server (One Powerful Computer / Server, connected to multiple Client computers) offer a central administration benefits, e.g. Access Rights, Resource Allocations.


Files are stored in the one place – in the server room, a dedicated data storage unit.

Backup & Recovery

Unlike P2P, where we need to create backup from each client computers / workstations; Client Server concept stored files in one place – it makes backup and recovery possible, and efficient.

Addition & Upgrade

Server upgrade / scale up, installation of new system, addition of workstation can be achieved by making changes in the server.



Cloud Computing is a total different animal, if you subscribe to SaaS, all the above should be managed by the principal, server sizing, backup & recovery, administration & upgrade.  You do have a choice to subscribe a higher tier service, often at higher investment.

You need to follow the principal’s upgrade / choice of database and structure – but protected with global accredited service agreement, audited by renowned bodies.




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