AutoStore is not the first solution I heard when I join Swisslog.
However, AutoStore is an interesting product, a product I would proudly introduce to my friends.

AutoStore is suitable for Semi-Automated warehouse for split case.
SKU arrived to warehouse in big carton size, or Pallet, brought to AutoStore workstation, split into smaller case, kept in the AutoStore Bin.

AS Storage

The Receiving Process is manual, we need an operator to perform the receiving, transfer of pallet from one place to another, split the bigger case into smaller case, and put into a standard sized Bin.

Upon success, Bin will be stored in the grid with automation.

AS Grid

These Bins will be stacked – it can be multi level high, on a flat floor.
Who perform the storage and retrieval? The AutoStore Robots.  They will will travel on top of the grid, they manage the digging and transportation of the Bins.

The Bins, can be stacked up to 16, or even 24 level high.
The AutoStore blackbox (which kept all the complex, graphical calculation & storage algorithms) will allocate / find the right Bin, calculate the pathway, and transport to the destination workstation.

The storage, the retrieval, is accurate & automatic.
I am not a mathematician, from a layman perspective, these transportation path will be more complex if we have odd shaped warehouse, blocked path, or increasing number of robots.

AS Grid2

Advanced Algorithm – beyond comprehension – intelligent – it is a different concept and soon will emerge as a strong concept in warehousing industry.


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